Annales Musei Nationalis Slovaci Archaeologia

Journal title in Slovak: Zborník Slovenského národného múzea Archeológia
Publisher: Slovak National Museum-Archaeological Museum
ISSN: 1336-6637
Subject area: Arts and Humanities
Social sciences: Archaeology
Published since: 1991
Periodicity: one issue per year on 31st of May

The journal Annales Musei Nationalis Slovaci Archaeologia was separated in 1991 from the periodical Annales Musei Nationalis Slovaci Historia which followed up in 1951 on the Sborník muzeálnej slovenskej spoločnosti founded in the year 1896.

The journal publishes archaeological studies dealing primarily with prehistorical and proto-historical periods and the Middle Ages. Papers, short notes and reviews focused on the problems of the research as well as articles of international colloquia are published. The journal is open to authors from all over the world. Articles are published in the author’s language with an extensive summary in a major language. Manuscripts are reviewed by two peer reviewers. The journal is published annually.

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